2009 f150 rear door won't open. Reposition door glass rear runner. Thread starter GSOHunter; Start date Dec 19, 2016 . I managed to get the inner door panel off, expected to find a broken cable or latch part. A single-cab bare-bones F-150 starts at around $27 grand, and they can rocket all the way up to $70,000 for a top-of-the-line Limited model. Motorcraft Door Open Warning Switch is designed for maximum performance and durability. 2010 Extended Cab Rear Door Stuck Shut. When I read the comment I’m very enjoying and I just laughed. About a month ago the rear passenger door would not . The tailgate on a Ford F-150 works from a rod that is attached to the handle. by redtherocket » Mon Mar 25, 2013 5:34 am. Ford Motor Company (Ford) is recalling certain 2022 Super Duty F-250, F-350, 2021 F-150, Expedition, and Lincoln Navigator vehicles. Replacing it may require removing the car door panel. The article tells that the common problems when the door won’t open or closed. Tl the contact owns a 2014 Ford F-150. I think maybe a rod came off when it stopped wor … read more. How to Repair Rear Door Latch on Ford F150? An electric actuator controls the door lock mechanism in the Ford F150 with the power door lock. 2 Million Vehicles Again Due to Faulty Door Latch. Max payload varies and is based on accessories and vehicle configuration. This article applies to the Ford F-150 (2004-2014) and F-250 Super Duty (2005-2014). Lower the door panel down onto the mounting clips and press into place. Ford F150: Door Ajar Warning Stays On. The first step you should take is to determine which door or doors are unable to open. Have you tried WD-40 in the door latch ? Some times the contacts in the door latch get gummed up, and the door switch stops working. How To Remove Rear Door Panel on 2009. If you own one of the following vehicles and find that your Power door locks lock but won’t unlock (or vice versa) using the door lock switches, this may be the fix. So how can you stop your car door seals . Can you pull the panel will door closed. 2005 Ford F-150s also had engine problems in the form of ticking noises. 2009 Ford F-150 rear door stuck won't open. Acts like it is in need of lube. Ford F150 Door Latch Cable Repair Kit. Class is Full-Size Pickups under 8,500 lbs. Finally you will be presented with “Autolock” and “Autounlock” options with check boxes. The driver side passenger door will not open, from the outside or inside. my 2012 f150 super cab rear passenger door wont open or lock. SOLVED: Back door won't open on passenger side, can not. -I have also posted about 40 images, after I opened the door-In an effort to contribute a little to all the lost souls with the Curse of the F150 3rd Door issue. The outside button and inside rear button beep when pressed, unlatch the liftgate, but do not open it. to/ia/FDDLA00008In the video, 1A Auto shows how to replace a broken or stuck re. How to Get a Car Door Latch Unstuck. Why do my doors lock when I start driving? Why do all the doors unlock when I open my door? Your car has a few features that automatically . The wire is in the inside of the door and you can’t see it. My 2010 Ford F150 Lariat Supercrew Rear Passenger Door. Ba-Boling Door Latch Lock Cable Repair Kit Latch Lock Cable Ends Replacement Billet Aluminum 6061 T6 fit for Ford F150 F250 F350 (1992-2009) / Vans/Lincoln (4 Ends for 2 Cables) 4. If you are having trouble because your truck door won’t open from the inside or outside, there is most likely an issue with rods that hold the lock in place. I have a 2002 f150 extend cab , the rear door cable has broken to. 1 million vehicles for a problem with the door latches and locks. Ford Class Action Says Trucks Experience Premature Corrosion. These parts run between the key tumbler, the door lock button, the lock mechanism, the interior and exterior door handles, and the release mechanism for the latch. See label on door jamb for carrying . under the panel are three screws. If the door won't open then the latch is most likely broken and will need to be replaced. F-150 Owners Report Having to Use Bungee Cords to Close Truck’s Doors, or Simply Not Drive at All. 1 Remove the door opening foot tread. Some 2009-2010 Focus vehicles built on or before 10/15/2009 may exhibit a rear door that does not lock or unlock when using the power lock control switch, remote keyless entry (RKE) transmitter, or manually activating the door lock. DIY Quick fix to an F150 SuperCab rear door that won't open. Passenger rear door lock stuck. This is the starting point The first thing I recommend doing is getting an old flathead screwdriver that you won’t miss, put some heat to the tip of it with MAP gas or a butane torch, and bend the tip of it so its perpendicular to the rest of the screwdriver, as seen below. Any advice from anyone? Hereford F150 , 05-12-2015 12:01 AM. About a month ago the rear passenger door would not open. How to Repair Rear Door Latch on Ford F150? (Explained). The passenger side one with the outside handle works fine. I have a F-150 , year 2000, driver's side back door won't open. 2004 - 2008 F150 - 04 f150 extended cab rear door won't open - The driver's side rear door will not unlatch at the bottom when the handle is pulled. So satisfying!PARTSGrommet kit https://amzn. And if you own an F-150 (2015 through 2017 models) or the 2017 Super Duty, or you work on them, it should grab your attention as well. Remove the screws and lift up on the bottom panel. Then go to “Advanced Settings”. Now I really hate to take it in for just that, but the lights won't go off in the cab and over the bed. DIY repair of the rear door handle, door latch, or door lock actuator. There is a feature installed standard with certain types of cars that cause this exact scenario. I've got a 2009 F150 Super Crew. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. The solenoid is bad: Again, if one door doesn’t work, but others do, the problem could be with the door lock solenoid. If that won't open the door, it's either locked or the latch is broken. My battery is low now although we put a charger on it. This sounds lock the actuator is frozen, this is the actuator that locks and unlocks the door, when it goes bad it wont move and holds the linkage locked in that postion, you will need to remove the door panel and disconnect the linkage to actuator to open the door then replace the actuator. Reoccurring Door Latch Problem Leads to Massive Ford F. Calling the dealership tomorrow. Some models have handles that have no screw but are held on by locks, which are disengaged by sliding the bezel either forward or back. The driver's door won't latch easily - it will eventually latch about one . '09 Supercrew rear door won't open. the cigarette fuse is located in the battery junction box under the hood, it is fuse # 10 and is a 20a fuse, open the hood and find the box it is on the passenger side towards the back of the compartment, it is 10th in line on the top row, also you can check these fuses without removing them through the clear plastic top so that should make …. There should be a cable or rod attached to the handle. I left my car windows down to keep my car cool for most of the day. Your Ford F150’s door ajar message can help you get a door all the way closed when you otherwise wouldn’t notice when it was open. Sounds like the drivers door lock switch is bad an as far as the auto start remote the contacts under the button get dirty and won't make contact, open the remote like changing the battery and you can probably get at the contact button, if it's a little carbon button they can be cleaned with a pencil eraser and then paper tower with a bit of rubbing alcohol, if it's an actual switch you can. This is my writeup on 2009-2014 F150 Door Panel Removal. Dorman Door Latch Cable 924-545. 2009-10 F150 Airbox modification/upgrade. This 2009-2010 Ford F150 recall is set to official begin on or around February 14th and Ford asks that any F150 owners with interior door handles that feel loose or do not seem to return to the. Also, a stuck lock, pin shift, and bottom latch slacking do not open the rear door. Feel around for a pin to disengage the lock. 35 10 Parking Aid Module (PAM), Rear view camera 36 5 Passive anti-theft transceiver 37 10 Climate control assembly, Temperature blend door actuator 38 20 Not used 39 20 Audio Control Module (ACM) 40 20 Audio Amplifier 41 15 Door lock switch, driver side, Door lock switch, passenger side. In general, Ford F150 rear door won't open from inside due to a broken auto lock, faulty door latches, damaged actuator, and ineffective handle cable. A defective latch may not fully engage, meaning a door that appears to be closed could still open while the vehicle is in motion. Neither of the latch handles (the front side of the door or the one in the rear arm rest) will allow door to open. It's a four-door model, with back doors that swing wide open on rear hinges to allow maximum access to the back seat. If you have a 1992-2013 F150 extended cab with stuck rear doors, watch this video to find out how to fix them for only $10! The fix is easy and will only tak. Disconnect door handle and lock barrel (driver door only) operating rods from latch links. Detailed step-by-step photos and no special tools required. I have a 2002 f150 extend cab , the rear door cable has broken to the top latch ( broke on top not from the actuator assembly) How do you get the door open to replace the cable?. Ensun 9L3Z-5426413-A Door Lock Latch Actuator Motor Rear Left Driver Side replacement for 2009-2014 F-150, 2010-2014 Mustang, 2013-2019 Taurus, 2011-2019 Explorer, 2010-2014 Lincoln Mark LT 4. When the rod gets detached or warped, the handle fails to operate correctly. Door lock switch, rear doors, Rear view camera display. Car Door Wont Open From Inside Or Outside 🚗 6 Instant Fixes. Replace the window switch electrical connector. Now, the door will not open from the outside so it is just stuck shut and I can't do anything with it. Find the cable that goes to the top latch and pull it. You will only need a few common tools and a few minutes to remove your door panels and gain access to the inside of the door and all of the door mechanisms. 3 million F-150 and Super Duty pickups to fix faulty side door latches. · 3 Remove rear seats( leave in truck, just . Frozen car doors and locks: Prevention and troubleshooting. Over the life of the vehicle, it is possible for the door ajar warning to stay on even when the doors are, in fact, not ajar. Notes: Front left, With power door locks. A good soaking on the door latch, and close / open a few times and another soaking of WD-40 usually does the trick with the door latch switch. Rest the door panel on the three bottom clips. Ford Repair: About the Door Latch Recall. Ford E150 rear door won't open. How to Replace Rear Door Latch 09. So this door started with a problem with the child safety lock. I managed to get part of the shell off inside the car but am unable to . It begins by finding out what is wrong. How to Fix a Car Door That Can't Be Opened. Step by Step Ford F150 Door Panel Removal. 2009 XLT Screw rear door won't open. Once your car door is stuck in the lock position, there is a process you have to do. The cables are ok, they pull good, top latch works, bottom one seems to be seized in the half pulled. I have a 2017 F150 drivers side rear door won't lock or lock unless done manually. i kept the unlock button held and tried to pull on the handles and still the same issue. Open your car door wide and stand at the end of it in a manner that would allow you to hold the window glass between your palms. Instead, this will be about diagnosing and fixing the problem of a car door that won’t open from inside or outside. ISSUE: Some 2009-2012 F-150 Super Crew vehicles may exhibit a condition where one or more rear doors are difficult to lock or unlock using the door lock rod . Be careful and make sure the rod end doesn't contact the truck door outer skin. Driver's door won't latch. On the passenger side of the vehicle, Ford provides a release strap for the latch, as. I have a 2007 Ford Escape with a faulty rear lift gate. Perform testing of latch operation while the door is in the open position and adjust tension / wire position accordingly. 2009 Ford F-150 Lariat SuperCab-Maintenance & Repair. Ford F-150 2009 Platinum Package 80000 miles. ANSWERED: Door lock issues (Ford F. F150 Super Crew rear door won't open. Using steering arrow buttons, go to “Settings”. If you own a 2015 or 2016 Ford F-150, you most likely paid a pretty penny for it.