do o2 sensor spacers work. To solve the problem we simply screw in one spacer per side to the main cat bungle and then screw the O2 sensor into the end of the spacers. P0420 has been coming and going but then stayed as smog test time is getting close. - 2 sets of 2 18mm Spark plug non-foulers (NF for short) Napa part # 730-2442 About $7 a pack. Search for a store page input 3. As for spacers, each car is different, some work with one spacer, Fwiw, I have the 42dd spacer on the 034 hfc and do not have a MIL on . If you put something like a 90deg bend and relocate the sensor, it's not going to work correctly. the O2 spacers work but not in flange type sensors. This sensor is not used to control the fuel mixture. Spacer body dimensions: 3 3/4" L x 1 1/2" W x 1 1/2" H. What is an Oxygen Sensor? Oxygen sensors (commonly referred to as an "O 2 sensor", as O 2 is the chemical formula for oxygen) are mounted in the exhaust manifold of the vehicle to monitor how much unburned oxygen is in the exhaust as the exhaust exits the engine. Never had a single CEL or issue with it on other cars. Anyone ever use: O2 sensor extender pipe to clear CEL. It's like Christmas all over again! :grin: I felt like a little kid when the Fedex guy came to the door. O2 Sensors Spacers Discussion. This product is not intended to and will not provide emissions compliance. Also, try those O2 sensor spacers available from Ebay for $6-$20 depending on whether you need the angled or straight kind and want or need the platinum wool worked for me! As to upstream/downstream, my codes disappeared using the same O2 sensors for both. Oxygen sensor spacers: alternatives to Big Daddy and. Bought an O2 extender (fouler/spacer) L shaped from ebay for $50 and the codes have never come back. I'd go with Big Daddy's, but the shipping to Canada is outrageous, and Vibrant no longer makes the 11620. Anyone have any luck with ebay spacers? I could put steel wool in it also to help prevent the engine light. Economically priced to fit most budgets and still provide QUALITY, you do not want rust build up inside your O2 Simulator especially near the oxygen sensors tip. Install a spacer (they have different sized orifices) and less of the exhaust will reach the sensor and then the sensor is convinced that the cat is working. This helps keep the sensor itself hot, which improves it's effectiveness. The sensor is mounted in the exhaust manifold or turbocharger outlet and is electrically heated internally for faster switching when the engine is running. A P0420 code is a trouble code on OBD-II equipped vehicles. Your car's PCM tests the oxygen sensors' heater circuits for integrity. I say don't try to fix it unless you're an electrician/wiring expert and have access to pin-pullers and extractors and. this should work on 99 to present and is 100% revesable. Tools needed: - 7/8" wrench or 02 remover wrench. These spacers work best in conjunction with a tune as the tune will allow for the sensors . oxygen sensor spacer o2 sensor spacer o2 sensor extender. O2 Sensor inserted in the modified non-fouler. Diagnosing O2 Sensor Heater Circuit Failures. So I decided to find out if spacers would fit instead of tweaking the circuit. There are spacers that turn the O2 sensor 90 and have mini cats in them, they are not cheap but work well on first install. The spacer puts the O2 sensor out of the exhaust flow. An o2 Sensor Spacer will essentially do the same thing by means of creating enough distance between the 2nd bung and the sensor to make it think . This product is simply screwed on to your existing sensor and the assembly is replaced into the bung. Now the question is will the tapered one work, or do I need to use the other 18mm stepped version with the seal. O2 sensor risers: Turn off the CEL. I don't know if either will work on a FGT. The ones used in the pictures are linked in the original poat. The engine will run really rich and your mpg's will go down, exhaust gasses will be hotter and you'll burn out the CAT faster. how to trick that pesky o2 sensor. 9 pulley, gt2-3 cam, TOG headers w/ true duals, built 4l80e w/ 3200 PI stall, 9. How far did the spacer pull the sensor out of the flow of exhaust? the CEL I decided to try the O2 sensor spacers on the 2 rear sensors. Don't remember the drill size, been a few years. How to bypass O2 sensors when going catless?. Easier to install and more reliable than an electrical device! No soldering or splicing involved ! M18 O2 Sensor Spacer Mechanical Simulator 304 Stainless Steel 45mm Long - Pack of 1. How To: Install An O2 Sensor Non Fouler to Eliminate a. Simply so, does o2 sensor spacer work? The O2 spacers are work good for the 4 oxy sensor Chevy trucks, use one EFIE on the first left oxy sensor & use spacers on the other 3 - oxy sensors. There are always mixed results depending upon the layout of the exhaust system . O2 spacers, O2 emulator, O2 Adaptors, O2 extenders, there is no need to be confused, they all mean the same thing. I've owned many turbo cars in the past, and one of the first things I do to them is put a catless downpipe on them (no emission laws here in . The things that go between the sensor and the exhaust pipe are the spacers, also known as spark plug defoulers. The only thing the "O2 Spacers & Isolators" are good for is helping turn off the check engine light. Do downstream oxygen sensor spacers work for cat delete. I figure a tuner and tune (which I don't need except for the O2 reporting code), dyno time, travel expenses, yadda yadda and I'm looking at $1K to turn a light off. I found the thread for the O2 sensor is M18x1. O2 spacers only work on downstream sensors. Check the sensor’s signal voltmeter reading. In order to do so, rotate the oxygen sensor counterclockwise. Is it possible for an oxygen sensor spacer to cause a car to stall?. Buy Steel Lambda O2 Oxygen Sensor Extender Spacer M18x1. thats what the 02 will screw in, then screw that into the undrilled antifouler. Most late model vehicles will be equipped with both a pre-CAT oxygen sensor and a post-CAT oxygen sensor. Try not to check an O2 sensor at idle it can give you false readings. The idea behind it is when you remove the cat the 2nd O2 sensor is going to have too much air reaching the sensor that isnt filtered out, which will make the computer think the cat has gone bad. does the O2 sensor spacer cause any problems. You need to connect an O2 simulator to each of your rear O2 sensor connectors so it always reads good. The rear O2's are used for testing your cats. The ODBII PCM is still looking for a signal from the rear O2's, you will get a check engine light. This Spacer is designed to space the oxygen sensor out of the hot exhaust gases just enough that it helps eliminate the check engine light (CEL) that is caused by a dying catalytic converters or catless exhausts. 8t and I want to do a turbo back exhaust but i'm in California so I would need to pass emissions. 4 wire O2 sensor simulator. Do o2 sensor spacers work?. If you can do this then you may be able to get the harness out without removing the seat. One was drilled to fit the o2, the other was left alone (still had the "cap". I got the P0420 code when I installed an OBX DP with race cat. I had heard of threading a spacer in to take the O2 sensor out of the direct path of the exhaust, but that doesn't seem right. The shop that called me also replaced the O 2 sensor. 2011+ Engine Related Questions - O2 Sensor spacers - I have a 2012 EB and one of my he front O2 sensors has failed. Get it as soon as Tomorrow, Apr 19. O2 Simulator Mini Cat Cel Fix, Big Daddies Garage Mini Catalytic Convertor Rear Oxygen Sensor Simulator is the best and easiestway to clear p0420 / p0430 codes for bad or missing catalytic converters. So I'm installing Xforce long tube headers on my 14 srt. What would happen if I put a small spacer on the upstream. how to trick that pesky o2 sensor. Click to expand I ordered this one:. I stopped by Bergeron on my way back to the lake and he said they have never found a good way to run O2 sensors in a marine exhaust. Yes they work (moat of the time) Some companies use a piece of tubing bent in a j to pull the O2 out of the air stream. You stated that you just had a spacer/anti-fouler . Utilize a removal tool at this point. The ECU can't make good decisions if it doesn't get accurate info, so in turn the engine. Do I use one or two of them on the rear?. exhaust check engine code. Catless DP with Stock Tune with O2 Sensor spacer? Why not???. The ECU looks at the rear O2 sensor output voltage to make sure it is within a certain range, which would signify the presence of a working CAT. Or does only the eliminator work. My latest experiment to see if I can increase MPG's is to add a spacer to the O2 sensor. Made from stainless steel, this spacer is ideal if you are running a race header but do not have K-pro. By monitoring oxygen levels and sending this information to your. So I completely covered the sensor with ultra black RTV silicone I had left over. What is an Oxygen Sensor? Oxygen sensors (commonly referred to as an “O 2 sensor”, as O 2 is the chemical formula for oxygen) are mounted in the exhaust manifold of the vehicle to monitor how much unburned oxygen is in the exhaust as the exhaust exits the engine. Engine light still comes on after O2 sensor spacer installed. Installation of Oxygen Sensor Extender O2 90 Degree Angle. For use with a good running Hydrogen/Oxygen Cell that will produce more water H2O, and oxygen in the exhaust pipe. If no one has found or built MIL eliminators that work, and the O2 sensor spacer trick is bogus, I can mount the ScanGauge in the car to make code clearing about as simple as. There is NO GUARANTEE that this product will work on your specific application. Sounds like your van is just barely tripping the sensorwhich is good for you. If I use a spacer on the O2 sensor will I avoid throwing a check engine light? I will definitely be getting a tune, however I dont have the money for it right now and I am debating whether. Does it work? Spoiler: No. Answer to the above : If you're getting a check engine light, they absolutely DO WORK. O2 Sensor spacer for better MPG. How to use a sparkplug antifouler to turn off you Check Engine Light. What would happen if I put a small spacer on the upstream O2. 1 X O2 SENSOR SPACER (AS SHOWN IN THE PICTURES) SPECIFICATIONS: *Works With Any Deep M18-Threaded Oxygen Sensor *O2 sensor Threads Into 90-Degree Female Bend Professional installation is highly recommended as no Installation instruction are included. I was under the assumption that this was an o2 sensor but you're saying this a wide band air fuel sensor. that should be more than enough time to fix it. 2)screw the sensor into the spacer part (once again beware damaging the head) 3)screw. Marine O2 Sensor Adapter Plate. If you go with the shortest and it doesn't work, then your only solution is to go longer and hope it works. These are designed to go between the threaded bung on the downpipe/header and the O2 sensor (2nd O2 sensor location). Install was 10 minutes on REAR sensor. Kooks Are In!! / O2 Sensor Spacers. Do I need to retune after? O2 spacers usually work 90% of the time, but tuning out is easy if your tuner is . The ECM may stay in open loop until the O2 system is repaired or the O2 sensor starts working again. This sensor is doing its job and does not need to be replaced. You can hack fix P0420 with oxygen sensor spacer; don't try. He had one there that was ran on a dyno then the fuel map was set and shipped back. O2 Spacer on Catless Downpipe. 55 20% OFF | Buy Steel Lambda O2 Oxygen Sensor Extender Spacer M18x1. 5 For Decat Hydrogen Lambda O2 Extender Spacer Fix Check Engine From Merchant Aria Car Parts Well Store. summary: do not use o2 sensor spacers or spark plug anti-foulers on 2005 or newer subarus. Does the O2 spacer actually remove the CEL from the downpipe? Everything I read said these spacers don't work on our cars and JB4 was the only way to clear . When the sensor is out don't touch it's head no matter how dirty it is. No, the tuner won't turn anything off. I do get a code every few months for a front o2 slow response. Oxygen Sensor Spacers by FABSPEED. Usually they'll work at part throttle but go full throttle too much or whatever other condition and you'll still get the CEL. How an Oxygen Sensor Works. Does anybody have experience using an o2 sensor spacer for the I've used them before back when I put headers on my 03X - the fix works. If not, get the rubber mallet out and start. Check out My Amazon Auto Accessories Store! Lets make that Weekend job. The engine stuck in open loop will run extra rich and will burn more fuel and start to carbon up. It is used to monitor the health of the cat. The Oxygen Sensor, also known as the O2 Sensor is the component responsible for delivering exhaust information to a vehicle's emissions computer. Be sure and use oil as you drill. The spacer goes on the down stream O2 sensor. (like ours) i dont know how your state is, but if it fails, you might have 30 days to fix it. In the interim I ordered (elsewhere) a right angle O2 spacer and a short ~2" spacer with a small ~1/4" opening. In order for the O2 sensor to work correctly, the head of the O2 sensor should be located in the exhaust stream. If there is a visual portion of the inspection, you will not pass unless you have "a guy". P0420 Code Fix for Cheap - O2 Oxygen Sensor Spacer - Do O2 Spacers Work? 59,097 views59K views. O2 sensor "isolators" DO NOT WORK! They do exactly opposite of what is claimed.